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We Picked Up A Man After Midnight And Brought Him Home...

So here is how the crazy night went.

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and saw Linley ask if anyone was willing to take pictures of Keith coming home from his deployment. As someone with a camera, I wrote that we were more than willing tag along to see this sweet encounter.

THEN, I realized his plane was landing about 10pm from Toronto, Canada. Knowing Jonathan was still in school and I was already on Christmas break, I offered to go so he could get some sleep instead.

I called my best friend in pure PANIC, as I had shot before, but only with Jonathan guiding me through the whole process. She calmed me down, prayed over me, and I headed over to Linley's house, ready to take on the night! This was my first solo adventure and I was totally freaked out but trying my hardest not to show it. Linley told me she completely trusted me - I was so thankful for that!

When I got there, it was about 8:30pm. I was ready to hit the road and go get Linley her husband! She opened the door and was practically in tears. Keith had just told her that his plane was delayed. We started a movie and sat on the couch as the minutes passed by, waiting for him to tell us to head to the airport.

Finally, at almost midnight, we got a message saying he was boarding the plane. We got in the car as fast as we could and took off!

This was so exciting because she waited the night before at the airport for him to come and his plane kept getting delayed. After multiple delays and months of time between them, they were finally going to see each other again!

We got there and both in heels, ran as fast as we could inside. It was bitter cold outside, but we didn't care. She needed to be in the arms of her husband.

At last, she spotted the love of her life walking down the long and forbidden hallway towards her. She said "drop all your things and run!"

I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I was behind the camera. Don't think I haven't every time I have seen these pictures and thought back to that night.

Being with someone you have waited months to be with makes everything around you disappear. They were so giddy and giggly all night long. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

After picking up Keith and his luggage, we rushed over to a McDonald's to get a real American hamburger (at least the only one you can get at 1:30am). He said they were different than the ones in Korea. He also moaned and groaned through every greasy bite. Linley said she didn't want anything, which was typical wife behavior. He ordered extra food knowing she would eat half of it anyway.

And she did.

Spending the holidays with our loved ones is often something we take for granted when we always have them with us. Often, we don't appreciate them until they are gone. Keith and Linley enjoyed their Christmas together. I'm sure it was as magical as the movies always portray it to be.

You can see their full album of pictures at the website below.

It was a journey worth crawling into bed at 4am over, that's for sure.

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