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About Us

We are a family team that loves photographing just about anything. We are based in Goldsboro NC, but absolutely love traveling. 


Our team is made up by Jonathan, Kristina, and Elaina Pollock 


Meet Jonathan

Jonathan primarily serves as the photographer. 

Meet Kristina

Kristina is the boss.

Meet Elaina

Elaina is the cute face of the company. She often models for us. 

Why did we choose the name Abiding Images?

It's partially rooted in the definition of Abiding. Abiding - Continuing for a long time: Enduring. (Meriam-Webster). We want to work with you to capture memories and create wall art that will last a lifetime (and many to come). 

Random Fact: We love the sound of jets coming from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base (seriously we both loved it growing up and are teaching our daughter to love it too). 

We would love to work with you for your photographic needs. Contact us today!

More details coming soon.  

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