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Two Plus One Makes Three

If you know us here at Abiding Images, you know that Jonathan is a math teacher. He loves numbers and equations and even mixing letters into it. (Which I, Kristina, find very annoying!)

I try to stay away from math when at all possible, except for when two plus one makes three.

These two have one beautiful daughter that has the BLUEST eyes I have ever seen.

I have the pleasure of looking at these eyes every day at school because she is in my class. I have fallen in love with her and her sweet smile! Watching her grow every day is my absolute pleasure.

But there is more to my love for her than just her blue eyes and contagious smile.

I also love the parents behind her. Her mommy , Crystal, is the most selfless person I have ever met. And her daddy is a pilot in the USAF. Every time a jet goes over the playground at school, the students call the pilots out by names as we have a lot of their children at our school. "Mr. Andrew" is one of the ones we call out!

Being a military family is not easy. Trust me, I have done it before. This family is away from what they know as home and are also away from their families. They get uprooted every few years to move and are expected to make a home anywhere they go.

It is hard, but they do it so effortlessly.

I admire how sweet this couple is and how much they love Brianna.

We spent one afternoon capturing their family's love. Please enjoy the smiles that are down below.

There you have it. The beautiful Svecz family. Are you in love with them yet? We sure are.

You can see all their pictures here:

Most important of all, thank you Svecz family for your service to our country.

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