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A 1 Year Old's Fall Bucket List

Have you ever considered what a 1 year old would do if you gave them the chance to roam free in the fall?

We figured it out real quick with Linkin. He knew just what to do!

1) Find bright orange pumpkins.

2) Learn a new funny face.

3) Go apple picking.

4) Ride a Radio Flyer Wagon.

5) Swing in a swing so I can feel the Autumn wind.

5) Enjoy the apples and pumpkins we picked!

6) Be absolutely adorable, all the days.

You wanna see this Linkin we are talking about?

Be prepared.


And he has the brightest blue eyes we have ever seen.

So let's see how he accomplished his bucket list!

First, we found some beautiful orange pumpkins that were just his size! His favorite thing to do was show off these pumpkins.

Did you see that tall boy?! He recently started walking and we are so impressed. There is no stopping him now!

He also found the pinecones. He insisted that they were festive. Here, he is showing off his new funny face. How stinking adorable is he.

Next we went apple picking! He loved to scare us by getting near the edge of the table then flashing us a huge grin. I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

He told me himself that he wore the bright red shoes to match the red apples. Smart boy. He knows how to have a eye-catching color in his outfit already. Did you know how to do that when you turned 1? I bet not.

I can't caption this one. He is just so cute. Go ahead, stare at it. That's what we do.

Next on the Bucket List is a ride on a Radio Flyer wagon. Everyone loved doing this as a child! He was no different. He thought he was king of the wagon after this!

(He got a long ride after this. He was still as a statue. He knew just what the safe riding rules were. He must have been taking lessons from his big brothers, Gavin and Jaxon!)

We rode on over to the swing and he got to have a little break. He enjoyed resting and being pushed. His sweet smile says it all!

Next up, he finally got to get a taste of the delicious apples and pumpkins that were hand picked, just for him. He didn't really want anyone to interrupt him. So just keep scrolling. Nothing to see here.

Did I mention he's adorable? He totally is. I love it. Kudos to his daddy for teaching him this funny face!

Being cute sure is on his list of things to do every day. And we love it.

Would you believe me if I told you these aren't all of his pictures? I wouldn't. But it is true. He was so darn photogenic, we couldn't pick just a couple. So head on over to the gallery just for him and check out more cuteness. I promise, it will be worth it!

Seriously, we just can't get over those cheeks and blue eyes!

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