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Chaz Turns One!

365 days have passed since this sweet boy was born.

It was amazing to see Nick share with us all online that it was a boy! Little did we know, this boy was going to capture all our hearts with his sweet smile.

Here's a glimpse into the overflowing amount of cuteness and sweetness that Nick, Michelle, and the rest of the family get to encounter every day. They are so blessed!

"Today's extra special because you turn one.

We'll eat cake and ice cream and have lots of fun!

It seems like just yesterday you were brand new.

And now, there are so many things you can do.

We'll light your first candle and make a big fuss

to be sure that you know you're precious to us.

Today's extra special because you turn one!

And the best thing of all is - your life's just begun!"

Happy First Birthday Chaz!

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