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My Best Friend Is Having A Baby!

Hey guys. Kristina again.

One of the hardest parts of being an adult is finding a best friend. Someone who takes you into their heart and life and accepts you for all your amazing moments and your whiney moments. For your proud moments and for the moments when you need encouragement and prayer. Well I have found that best friend in Kelly Hankins.

I don't remember the moment that we became best friends. In fact, I think we were rude to each other the first time we met. But I do remember all of the good times since then. There have been a lot of amazing moments since we have become friends. There has been a lot of tears, messaging, and most important - laughter. We laugh a lot. Our husbands refer to the other girl as our other "spouse" because we talk so much and confide in each other about so much.

My favorite moments with Kelly is when we get to encourage one another and remind each other who we are in God. We do that often. One of the things we talk about most (other than picking on our husbands), are our children. When Kelly told me she was pregnant with her newest son, Asher, I was overjoyed. She was scared. You see, when you bring a baby into the world, it really is scary. It is a big step to grow your family and take on raising a child. I was blessed to have the opportunity to remind her how wonderful of a mother she already is to Heath. And to remind her that her husband Andrew is out of this world amazing. She was scared because it truly is a terrifying thing to have a baby in this world, the way it is now. I was overjoyed because I am confident in her abilities as a mother and their abilities as a family to lead this direction in the way he should go.

We had the opportunity to spend some time with them this past week and take some pictures before Asher was born. I have been avoiding this blog post because I have been VERY emotional about Asher being born. It truly is beautiful to see this family taking on such a blessing from God.

Please enjoy the following pictures of Kelly, my best friend, as we have captured a miracle happening. She is doing what God has created her to do as a woman. She is growing a human inside her and will deliver him tomorrow, to help nurture him and guide him so he can be the amazing man of God he is called to be.

I am done writing, as I cannot see the keyboard anymore through my tears.

I love you Kelly. (And you too Andrew, Heath, and Asher!)


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